Anti-Theft Monitoring For Mobile Devices

How much would you be out if your Mobile device was lost or stolen? Would you be able to get it back? Probably not unless you have anti-theft software installed.

Our anti-theft software is a thief’s worst nightmare! RecoveryCop software silently alerts you to where your device is. But that’s only the beginning. Listen to surroundings, sound an alarm, record SMS and more! Compatibility...

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What is RecoveryCop Anti-Theft and Monitoring Software?

RecoveryCop is the next generation of anti-theft monitoring software for Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Are you prepared in the case of phone theft or loss? If not, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small stealth program onto your compatible smartphone to begin monitoring.

Anytime thereafter, you can use the software to learn valuable information about the phone's whereabouts and usage. You can perform many commands in stealth, such as retrieving new SIM info, GPS location tracking, stealth listening of surroundings, SMS recording and more.

Commands can be sent using SMS from any other phone *or* you can login to your included online control panel to interact with the phone. You can also lockdown the device and play a loud alarm to draw attention to your thief or stop them from using the phone.

Why would I need this anti-theft monitoring software?

Your Mobile device is important to you. So is the personal data obtained within it. What would you do if it was lost or stolen? You would probably want your device back and fear your data could be used against you. You might also wish you could get some payback for the theft.

Without some sort of mobile anti-theft software, your chances of getting your phone back are very slim. The thief or finder will simply put a new SIM card in the phone and it will work. And who knows what they would do with your data. There is a solution to this problem.

RecoveryCop is a Microsoft certified application you install to your compatible Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC. If you ever lose the device, this software highly increases the chances of getting it back with data intact. Not to mention you can monitor your device's every move and action, and wipe data entirely upon command.

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What are the software's main features?

This small program stays hidden and runs at every startup. It constantly monitors for any SIM card changes *and* commands that you can send via SMS or web control panel. The feature set in RecoveryCop is outlined below. No other software comes close to having all these features.

SIM Change Notification

Alerts you anytime the SIM is changed.

  • Sends SMS to predefined number

  • Includes thief phone number

  • Includes the cell phone tower

  • Includes other SIM information

Stealth Listening Mode *

Listen to the surroundings of the thief.

  • Easy activation thru SMS or web panel

  • Phone silently calls you at any number

  • Nothing happens on the phone's screen

  • Phone microphone picks up audio

SMS / Call Info Monitoring

Record every SMS and info about each call.

  • Logs viewable in your online account

  • Includes SMS text, time and number

  • Call logs include time and number

  • Call logs also include duration

GPS Location Tracking **

Silently track the location of the device.

  • Track location of device in real time

  • Unlimited location tracks included

  • View map of locations online

  • 100% stealth location tracking

Device Lock / Alarm

Lock the device and cause alarm to sound.

  • Remotely lockdown the device from use

  • When locked an alarm sound plays

  • Attracts attention around the thief

  • Lock or unlock the device anytime

Data Backup / Restore

Backup, remove or restore data remotely.

  • Saves all contacts, messages, etc

  • Creates a daily backup of data

  • Delete the data from device easily

  • Keeps your data away from the thief

* Feature available on Mobile Professional devices only

** Device must have GPS functionality for GPS tracking feature

Why wait any longer to safeguard your device? You can easily use all features on your device starting today to catch a thief easily. After your order is complete you will instantly receive instructions on how to easily install and start using RecoveryCop.

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Device Requirements

Any compatible Android, BlackBerry, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile smartphone. GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device.

Compatible Phone Carriers

Any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others. SIM features disabled on CDMA carriers.

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